Group talk and body-oriented work for English speakers

You are possible to book individual sessions with me at my practice. You are welcome to call me for appointment.

Feel free to attend when it's suitable for you, without having to attend every 2 weeks. Just then when you think it's time to do so.


Participants will see only me during the Zoom talk. In this way, privacy is retained vis-à-vis other participants.



Feel free to talk with others. It liberates!


Participation is open to women and men who experienced abuse with a sexual background in childhood from a family member.

The participants have more or less processed due to therapeutic work on themself. Nevertheless, you would like to get closer to yourself and perceive yourself in an exchange with others in a protected environment as a complimentary.


This group is deliberately intended for both, men and women. The taboo subject that girls and boys are sexually abused not only by men but also by women is taken into account here.



Anyone who is physically abused is abused inevitably psychologically. And those who were forced to watch sexual acts as a child or to engage in them with someone, can often find it difficult to deal with their body. 

It is important to build trust in the same and the opposite sex, to find trust in yourself and to become free from feelings of shame.

It is also important to abandon old patterns, to feel good in your own body, to strengthen self-confidence and to break away the dependence from the opinions of others.


In this group you have the chance to get a personal insight into how others deal with their situation, their development and the setbacks. The exchange with others should give stability and help sort-out and structure one's own feelings.


Each participant has to involve in the discussion round. 

In particular, the experiences of others can help to a certain extent to reflect on oneself, even if everyone has their own way of perceiving and coping with what they have experienced. It is important to stay focused on your yourself, to be grateful and to recognize, you now can take your own life into your own hands and live independently in the here and now.


Each Group session will begin and end with a meditation.


The meetings take place virtually on Zoom and are moderated by me personally.

As soon as the general situation allows it, we will meet for personal body-oriented workshops. The workshops includes meditation along with breathing techniques, movement, as well as energy work. The participants feeling certain enough can also interact with others. This includes for example, percuss and wipe the back of others. Unbiased hugs are also very welcome, as long as its wished by the other person.




Number of participants: 1 to 4 participants 


The online meetings in English via Zoom call take place on every 2nd Friday at 12:00 from 26. Feb 2021


The online meetings in German via Zoom call take place on every 2nd Thursday at 19:00 starting 18. Feb 2021


For 60 to 100 minutes. Duration depends on the number of participants.

Please inform me when you register if you have to leave the meeting before 60 minutes 


Registrations by email:

Please indicate your phone number and when to reach you best


Or register by phone Mon. - Fri. in the times 10:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:30:

076 334 39 54

Cant reach me? Then please leave a message and I'll call you back by chance


Phon call followed by a short zoom conversation takes place to clarify whether the current condition of the interested person goes hand in hand with the way we work. And to build trust. Clarification about admission to the group is free and takes a maximum of 10 minutes.



As long as the BAG allows, workshops will be organized with doodle. Details will be given to those interested.


Contribution to costs:

The price of the online meeting is calculated according to duration and income and must be paid 1 week in advance


Price per person in the group: CHF 40 plus income supplement


The registration deadline is 1 week in advance


If you cancel online meetings up to 3 days in advance, the payment will be fully refunded

There is no refund if you cancel later 

Cancellation due to illness is also possible on the same day with a doctor's certificate. The entire amount will be refunded.


Group rules:

All participants are always mutual to be treated with respect.


What is being said stays in the room / chat. No names are passed on to anyone.


The group is open to ones emotions related to the own situation. The heart should be opened. Therefore it is only suitable if no psychotropic drugs are taken so that everyone can be their true self. It is also important to avoid other substances such as alcohol or other intoxicating substances before and during the online meeting.


The group is to be understood as «self-coaching in the group» and is based on personal responsibility. It is not a psychotherapy. If a one-on-one coaching session is desired after a meeting, I will offer it at my practice. If we see that the topic is still too profound, I will refer the person to a (his) therapist or coach of their choice after mutual agreement. If necessary, my collaboration with the participant's therapist can be organized. For this, everyone will receive a document for consent to be signed.


Participants may of course take notes about what they learn



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