Our outdoor Training is taking hand till up to 8 Participants.

Wish to have a Personal Training live or online? Just call me on 076 334 39 54 to find a suitable Time

Weekly Thursday outdoor Group Trainings are from 18:45- 19:45 where we alternately do BODYART® Training and fusion holistic and functional Training. By rain, the group is online. 

Please register by Wednesday 12 noon

Group Training

Trial class:                              CHF15.-

Outdoor /Online:                 CHF35.-



Personal Training one on one

Online:                                     CHF100.-

Out- / indoor:                         CHF140.-

Trial class:                                CHF70.-

Subskription for 5 times:  CHF650.- 


Duo Personal Training per Pers. and Lesson

Online:                                     CHF80.-

Out- / indoor:                         CHF120.-

Trial class:                                CHF70.- 

Subscription for 5 times:  CHF550.-




For 5 times Combi subscription 


BODYART® Training - Clip

Classes are in German and English

BODYART® - the unique training for new body consciousness


BODYART® is a training concept developed in Switzerland that considers the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul. In this physiologically prepared workout all body regions are seen in conjunction with each other and simultaneously driven, specifically: Stress is reduced, the muscles stretched and strengthened and body consciousness trained. Thus, a mix of strength, endurance, flexibility and awareness.


BODYART® was successfully launched from Europe to USA and there awarded in 2005 and 2006 as the best international training concept.

Nowadays health conscious people are always looking for ways to relaxation and obtaining a physical and mental equilibrium. It's known that the path to inner harmony, health and a positive appearance sometimes leads over training the body. BODYART® accesses this knowledge.


BODYART® is suitable for everyone, whether young or old, whether defined benefit or relaxation oriented, with or without physical discomfort or restrictions. All exercises are energetic, anatomical, muscular, organic and physiologically thoughtful. The training thus lays the foundation for the (re) establishment or maintenance of health, well-being and physical and mental agility.

Bring: comfortable sports clothing, socks with anti-slip protection, towel and water.

Yoga mats available. After you have used and disinfected them, they will be cleaned by me again. You are also welcome to bring your own mat.

Banc payments:


IBAN: CH09 0900 0000 6191 6524 3

Life-Art-Touch Massage Bewegung Coaching

Gaile P. Lüthy

Georgengasse 3

CH- 8006 Zürich



The subscription is for 8 Lessons that are to be pre-registered and taken within a block of 8 consecutive weeks. 


Individual 1 hour courses are to be pre-registered and are to be paid in cash while visiting the class or transferred to the account before visiting the Class. For no-shows without cancellation of a single course within 24 hours in advance, 100% of course fees are to be payed.


Group lessons can be payed either in cash or by transferring payment before the beginning of the Course period.


If you miss a Class in case of illness, with a medical certificate the missed lessons can be rescheduled one week directly after the dissolved subscription.


Personal Training is carried out by variable appointment. For no-shows without cancellation of a Personal Training within 24 hours in advance, 70% of the course fees are to be payed.


If for any reason I cant come to give the Class, a substitute Instructor will lead the course. If there is no replacement available, the Group lesson can be rescheduled directly after the dissolved subscription. There are no additional costs for the participants.


When wanting to continue subscription for the ongoing Group lessons, the sum of the following price period is to be paid up to 5 days before the next subscription starts.


If not wanting to attend the subsequent course period, you should unsubscribe by Mail, to 14 days before the expiration of the subscription. Otherwise the subscription automatically goes over into the next period and the whole course must be paid. For that reason, you get informed as soon as you have reached the 5th Class. If you fail to unsubscribe in time, there is the possibility to transmit the whole subscription from the same date on, to someone else, or 100% of the 8 course fees are to be payed.


During the 8 Classes, the subscription is not transferable.


You receive my reply / confirmation emails latest 3-5 days after writing to me. If any questions you can also call me on: +41 76 334 39 54


Let's move ! ! ! ;-)