Neck pain and stress management

While stress can play a role in neck pain, in most cases, managing it can relieve the pain.

Many of us are familiar with tension headaches caused by emotional stress.

When strained, the tension in the neck muscles contributes to neck pain and postural disorders in the cervical spine. In the worst case, even a small, uncontrolled movement can pinch a nerve or cause a herniated disc.

What can be severely limiting is when chronic neck pain is a cause of fatigue, irritability, and even depression, and vice versa. A vicious circle.
Stress is not always the most likely cause of neck pain. But it can certainly cause the symptoms. Pain perception can be impaired and the feeling worsened.

Stress reduction for neck pain is important!!!

Dealing with coping strategies of self-management is of great importance. A quick return to normal activities as well.

Maintaining a positive attitude is the best medicine for a quick return to activity.

Conscious movement gets the blood and muscles moving

Tips to try:

Neck exercises 

For the correct and gentle practice, it can be advantageous to involve experienced person.

To eat healthy food

Caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and nicotine should be avoided whenever possible, as these can further elevate mood and lead to restless sleep. Smoking can also slow blood flow to the muscles, thus delaying healing.

Developing healthy habits for everyday life to take good care of yourself are relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

These are for example, meditation, breathing exercises, holistic training preferably in nature, art or music (therapy) and walking in the fresh air. Jogging can cause more pain and tension due to the effects on the spine. As well by cyclists due to their posture.


A gentle massage is a great way to relieve stress and neck pain. The blood is thus better transported to the aching muscles. Heat or cold can be added to relieve tension and pain. The touch itself is nourishing to calm the nervous system.

Talking to trustworthy people about the unsettling things and possibly finding solutions. It is important to create an environment in which stress can be discussed and reduced. If this environment is missing, a suitable therapist, coach or self-help group can serve. Contacted in person or online. Preferably before more fear takes over. Neck pain is often associated with psychosocial conditions.

The longer neck pain lasts, the lower the chance of a complete cure. It is better to develop stress management techniques and adopt a positive attitude towards coping.

The sooner, the faster the neck pain will go away.